Getting An ROI From Leadership Training: Is it even possible?

Episode 213 // In a sea of potentially valuable career development options, it’s hard to work out which one is right for you. It’s even harder to make sure that the value from that training isn’t lost in the weeks, months, and years after you or your people undertake it.


During my own corporate career, I saw a frustratingly large amount of money squandered on training that returned little benefit, either for the individual or the organization. 


In this episode, I reveal why getting an ROI is a lot more complicated than just attending the training itself; I give you my six hot tips for maximizing your chances of making an investment in training pay off; and I give you access to a free guide to help you support your leaders’ growth through whatever leadership development program they choose to undertake.

This week, I also want to share a *free* PDF with you that maps out how to support your leader's growth when they undertake any professional development training opportunity. You can download the free PDF here.


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