Finding Your Purpose: How important is it?

Episode #201 // I recently came across two articles on the role that purpose plays in your career. The first, by Marcus Buckingham, proposed the idea that finding a career with purpose is actually a lie. The second, by Tom Rath, argued that without purpose, there will be negative consequences for your long-term prosperity, happiness, and wellbeing.


Which of these is true? Are both true to some extent?


It feels as though purpose has become a panacea—“Follow your purpose”, we’re told. These days, it almost seems as though pursuing anything other than your life’s true purpose is somehow frowned upon.


In this episode, I look at the role that purpose plays in your career, and what else might matter. I also give you some ideas for putting ‘purpose’ into perspective, so that your career can be fulfilling, no matter what. 

I've also put together a *free* PDF resource 'Six Tips For Building a Career With Purpose' which you can get at 🚀

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