Defending Against Disruptive Innovation: Capability is Everything

Episode #203 // Episode #85 of the podcast addressed one of the most important (but often misunderstood) business fundamentals: “Strategy isn’t hard: don’t overcomplicate it”. It demystified some of the core elements of competitive strategy and, hopefully, it served to make strategy a little more accessible.


I’m now shifting the focus to look at disruptive innovation. How do you defend against something you often can’t predict or anticipate? How can you prepare for and respond to disruptive events?


Market disruptions don’t come very often but, when they do, they can have devastating effects, and severely damage your company’s market share and profitability!


In this episode, I unpick the different types of innovation, and look at some sensible strategies for combating disruption in your market.

How do you build the cultural firewalls that will insulate you against the shocks that you won't see coming?

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