Confidence, Arrogance, and Self-Doubt: The fine lines we tread

Episode #229 // In the world of modern leadership, we’re conditioned to believe that humility is the most essential characteristic we can possess. And there’s no doubt that some measure of humility is important.

But it’s easy to misinterpret this to mean that we shouldn’t display confidence… that confidence is somehow the enemy of humility.

Nothing could be further from the truth and, in my experience, a leader who lacks confidence can be just as dangerous as a leader who lacks humility.

In this episode, I give you a window into my own journey from leadership arrogance to quiet confidence, and I get right under the hood to examine some critical questions: 

  • Why is it so important for a leader to develop a level of confidence?
  • What’s the difference between confidence and arrogance? and,
  • How do you overcome the self-doubt that paralyzes many leaders?


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