Celebrating 5 Million Downloads: Unpacking our podcast’s 5 success principles

Episode #282 // “A lot of the more senior leaders reject No Bullsh!t Leadership, because the higher up they go, the more they have to lose – they have to protect their position, their image, and their identity.

Our first episode of No Bullsh!t Leadership was produced in August 2018. This week, we achieved a major milestone - 5 million downloads of the podcast.

To be perfectly honest, Em and I are pretty ordinary when it comes to celebrating success… and I often cringe at the thinly-veiled, self-congratulatory posts that seem to dominate LinkedIn and some of the other social media platforms.

But I think it’s important to mark this milestone by standing back, and reflecting on what this really means, in the context of our purpose: to improve the quality of leaders, globally!

So, instead of just pumping up our own tyres, in this episode Em and I have distilled a number of success principles that we learnt on our path to 5 million. We want this behind-the-scenes look to inspire you in your own leadership journey – it’s amazing what you can achieve with a blank sheet of paper and some ridiculously bold aspirations!

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