Are You a Hypocritical Leader? You may be surprised…

Episode #191 // Many leaders inadvertently behave in a hypocritical way when they take a “do as I say, not as I do” approach. Sometimes, this is the result of a deep sense of entitlement in senior leaders, who are quite happy to set a standard for their people that they have no intention of observing themselves. 


But many of us are simply oblivious to our own behaviors, and we aren’t in tune with what other people see. We genuinely think that we’re behaving in accordance with the standards we set for our team, but often this is no more than a breathtaking lack of self-awareness… and we use rationalization as a crutch. 


This episode explores why it’s easy, even with the best intent, to sometimes come across as being hypocritical. How do you keep yourself honest, and what can you do to reduce the likelihood that your people will brand you as a hypocritical leader?

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