5 Episodes That Every Leader Must Listen To!

Episode #200 // When Em and I started the No Bullsh!t Leadership podcast in September 2018, we spent a lot of time thinking about how we would ensure that our message would stand out in the never-ending tsunami of leadership content.

We wanted our content to be clear, no bullsh!t and practical.

This might sound easy if you say it fast enough, but creating content about the complexities of navigating the workplace as a leader is incredibly difficult to do in 15-20 minutes without oversimplifying it or sounding as though we're offering a silver bullet!

Over the years we've become better at doing this, but there are some episodes that stick out more than others.

To celebrate our 200th episode, Em and I are going to talk you through the 5 episodes we believe every leader MUST listen to. If these are the only episodes you listen to out of the 200 we’ve produced, you’ll be far better off in your pursuit of exceptional leadership.

Download the list of 5 episodes here and share this graphic with your leadership network!

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