Philip Collins

Leadership requires clarity of thought, speech and writing. But all too often business executives fall into the trap of using (and overusing) corporate buzzwords – ‘deep dive’, ‘move the needle’, ‘outside the box’ – and filling their emails and documents with obfuscating jargon.

Former speechwriter to Tony Blair, Philip Collins argues that ‘business is a simple enterprise made complex by people who do it badly’. His new book, To Be Clear: A Style Guide for Business Writing, is a call to arms, urging businesses to stop using the language of nonsense and start communicating with clarity, simplicity and meaning. 

In this episode of the No Bullsh*t Leadership podcast, hosted by CEO of Havas Creative Chris Hirst, we explored how business writing has changed over time, how business executives can practically cut through the bullsh*t that has become orthodox, and how we can all wield language to become better leaders. 

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Producer & Editor: Bella Soames;
Technical Support: Mark Roberts. 

Chris Hirst is author of the award-winning book No Bulls*ht Leadership: Why the World Needs More Everyday Leaders and Why That Leader Is You. 


00:00 Intro 

01:30 Best communicator you have seen in-person 

01:40 The best piece of advice you’ve been given 

01:59 One piece of advice to write more clearly 

05:08 Influence of the King James Bible on your love of writing  

07:07 What has united all the different jobs you have done? 

08:59 The process of writing for somebody else 

12:01 Why did you write the book now?  

15:36 The dangers of using jargon 

16:42 The link between clarity of thought and clarity of communication

18:17 Being unclear on purpose can be useful 

19:45 Why the term ‘frontline workers’ is unhelpful 

20:44 Similarities between poor communication in business and in politics 

22:22 Why every business has an interest in speaking clearly to the public 

23:24 Do the same principles of effective communication apply today? 

25:54 Why people are frightened to be clear 

26:37 Who are the most effective communicators today? 

28:59 Why Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are good political communicators 

31:10 Your next job 

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