John Simpson

Chris Hirst, Global CEO of advertising group Havas Creative, cuts through the bullshit and gets to the heart of modern leadership in this straight-talking podcast brought to you by Intelligence Squared. In this special episode, Chris speaks to the BBC’s World Affairs Editor John Simpson. John has dedicated his life to reporting from the frontline, joining the BBC more than 50 years ago as a reporter. His eyewitness testimony has shed light on many of the most significant moments in modern history; from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the Iraq War in 2003, where he was seriously injured in a friendly fire incident on the road to Baghdad. His career has taken him to more than 120 countries, including 30 war zones, interviewing global leaders ranging from Nelson Mandela to tyrants such as Saddam Hussein along the way. Most recently, he returned from Finland, where he was reporting on Russia's invasion of Ukraine for his new programme, Unspun World. If you enjoyed this podcast: please let us know what you think by rating and reviewing No Bullsh*t Leadership on Apple Podcasts. For updates on the series follow @intelligence2 and @chrishirst on Twitter. Producer/Editor: Bella Soames; Technical Support: Mark Roberts. Chris Hirst is author of the award-winning book No Bullsh*t Leadership: Why the World Needs More Everyday Leaders and Why That Leader is You. 
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