General Sir Chris Deverell

Chris Hirst, Global CEO of advertising group Havas Creative, cuts through the bullshit and gets to the heart of modern leadership in this straight-talking podcast brought to you by Intelligence Squared. 
In this episode Chris Hirst speaks to General Sir Chris Deverell. After joining the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment in 1983, he served in the British Army for over 40 years, ending his career as a 4* General. Over this period, he led multiple organisations of tens of thousands of people; civilian and military, frontline and supporting, on operations and in headquarters. His final role was leading Joint Forces Command at the British Army. During his time in the army, he drove innovation at the Ministry of Defence and since retiring, he’s taken on a number of roles, in the AI, tech, and innovation space.
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Here are the pod notes from this fascinating episode.

00:00 Intro 

01:29 The conflict in Ukraine 

02:06 Could the West have prevented the Russian invasion of Ukraine? 

03:07 The West’s response 

06:04 Groupthink in autocracies vs. democracies 

06:50 What would you be doing if you were still a 4* General during this crisis? 

10:04 Zelensky’s leadership 

15:02 What was your favourite role during your 40-year career in the military? 

16:33 How to get more female and ethnic minority leaders into the military 

19:57 Dislike of hierarchical information flows vs. the necessity of hierarchy in the military 

23:51 How homogeneity prevents change in the military and in business  

27:25 Business career after leaving the military 

30:01 The impact of AI on leadership 

31:22 The challenge of balancing consensus and bold decision-making as a leader and how to lead a team 

33:35 The role of failure in your journey 

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