Roula Khalaf

Chris Hirst, Global CEO of advertising group Havas Creative, cuts through the bullshit and gets to the heart of modern leadership in this straight-talking podcast brought to you by Intelligence Squared. 
In this episode, Christ Hirst speaks to Roula Khalaf, the Editor of the Financial Times. In January 2020, Khalaf became the first female editor in the Financial Times’ 134-year history. Her path to the top of the FT came through her work as a foreign correspondent. Born in Lebanon, she served as the FT’s Foreign Editor, reporting from Iraq, Iran and Syria, and leading the FT’s coverage of the Arab Spring. She joined the FT in 1995 as North Africa correspondent after a stint as a staff writer for Forbes magazine in New York, and she now manages 600 journalists across the globe as editor of one of the world’s most respected and recognisable publications.  
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Chris Hirst is author of the award-winning book No Bulls*ht Leadership: Why the World Needs More Everyday Leaders and Why That Leader Is You. 

00:00 Intro 

01:17 Becoming editor during the pandemic 

04:59 Increased trust in the media 

07:21 Your childhood and growing up in Beirut 

10:52 Your take on Carlos Ghosn 

12:26 Your first job at Forbes and meeting Jordan Belfort 

14:40 Early career as a foreign correspondent 

16:24 Your leadership style 

17:12 Learning about a new style of management during the pandemic 

20:00 What you can and can’t achieve with hybrid working systems 

21:28 Your experience as the first female editor of the Financial Times 

22:16 Why a diversity of views makes for better journalism 

23:52 The difference between leadership near the top of an organisation, and once you become the leader of an organisation 

27:45 The FT’s role in highlighting the topics that should be relevant to their readers 

30:52 What do you think of Elon Musk buying Twitter? 

32:32 What role has failure played in your career? 

34:13 A piece advice for somebody taking on a new, big leadership position 

35:20 What next? 

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