The Homeless Are Human, Too.

This Winter, there's a group of Australians who are trying to get arrested. For Melbourne's homeless population, living on the street can be so brutal at this time of year that they would rather be locked up, just to be warm and dry and have some food. In this extraodinary episode of The Nitty Gritty Committee, Meshel Laurie went to the village that recently sprung up around Melbourne Town Hall to talk to people who understand the realities living on the streets. She visits Enterprize Park, the site of an infamous murder of a homeless teen by a private schoolboy, and she talks to people working on the front line of services in Melbourne. And, of course, she tells us what those of us lucky enough to have a roof over our heads can actually do to help those who are caught up in Australia's growing homelessness epidemic. Leave comments on Meshel's Facebook pageAnd her twitter is herePlease leave a review and a rating for this show in itunes.

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