Luke McGregor Is Now Great At Sex.

Have you ever seen a man as awkward as Luke McGregor? It was always his calling card as a comedian, but turns out it was a theme that ran through his whole life. Especially, his love life.  He was a 25 year old virgin who would pretend to his friends that sex was something that was regularly going on in his life. But prior to exploring his sexuality on his six-part ABC iview documentary ‘Luke Warm Sex,’ he had actually only had sex twice. Ever. Luke talks to me about the connection between anxiety and mojo (or lack thereof), orgasmic meditation and plush toy vaginas. He also gives a lot of insight into how his love life has changed since filming finished. Spoiler alert: there's girlfriend talk. Whooo!Show notes:The Nitty Gritty Committee is hosted by Meshel LaurieTell her your thoughts on her Facebook page, or via Twitter.You can contact Luke McGregor on Twitter here

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