BONUS: Making A Murderer's Ken Kratz On Brendan Dassey Walking Free.

UPDATE: Brendan Dassey, the teenage "accomplice" of convicted murderer Steven Avery has had his conviction overturned. Dassey, who was a 17-year-old with learning difficulties at the time of his imprisonment, must now be re-tried or walk free within 90 days. 

On the back of this news, Meshel checks in with Ken Kratz, the "villian" of the Making a Murderer documentary. Ken Kratz, the prosecutor who convinced a jury to find Steven Avery guilty of the rape and murder of Teresa Halbach. Kratz, who is now writing a book on the case, is still determined that Avery's conviction should stand. Show notes:The Nitty Gritty Committee is hosted by Meshel LaurieTell her your thoughts on her facebook page

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