Episode 1: Who Invented Cheese?

For the first time in human history, the tremendously clever grown-ups Andy Stanton (a bearded man behind the beloved Mr Gum books) and Carrie Quinlan (an unbearded woman who comes out of your radio) will be sharing the vast knowledge they've gained during their lifetimes with some children who, frankly, know nothing. Honestly, joking apart, these kids are almost shamefully ignorant. I blame the parents.

Armed with five questions, every episode sees two children being informed and educated by Carrie (a clever grown-up) and Andy (who is also a clever grown-up.) So if you want to know who invented cheese, why the grass is green, and whether this the best podcast you'll ever hear (the answer to the last one is 'yes', you can have that for free), then it's time for you to....Ask The Nincompoops!

This podcast is suitable for all the family!

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