Ask The Nincompoops

by Andy Stanton & Carrie Quinlan

A riotously funny all-ages podcast where Andy Stanton (author of the Mr Gum books, extremely bright) and Carrie Quinlan (of Radio 4, also extremely bright) allow children (not bright) to ask any questions that they want the answers to. Who invented cheese? What are trees for and why are they everywhere? What’s the opposite of a kettle?

Using their immense brains, Andy and Carrie will answer the questions your children ask. The only catch? They’ll do it very, very badly.

Reviewers call the show ‘amazing,” ‘so good”, and “the best podcast on Planet Earth.”

Picked as one of the BEST PODCASTS FOR CHILDREN by The Huffington Post and British Podcast Award nominee for BEST FAMILY PODCAST.

Love from

Carrie and Andy

(aka the Nincompoops)


Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Kids & Family