Nick and Tom’s Super Awesome Secret Podcast

by Nick & Tom

The Nick and Tom Super Awesome Secret Sunday show is Brisbane’s “most listened to” secret radio show. Having humble beginnings in the radio industry the pair famously used an incriminating photo of their boss Jay to “politely encourage” an opportunity on air. And the rest they say, is history!

Nick and Tom are great mates, which gives them a genuine and relaxed feel. The show is silly, clever, and always strives for great banter and fun. Tom is a little older, a little wiser and lot more sensible, whilst Nick is a young, plucky larrikin who never really thinks before he acts. The new Odd Couple you might say??

The Super Awesome Secret Show brings its listeners ridiculous news stories, hilarious personal stories and fun radio skits, whilst keeping it fun and fresh for a Sunday morning.

  • Comedy