Rep. Spencer Wetmore – Representative in the SC State House, Prosecutor, and owner of Wetmore Law Firm

Laura and Todd sit down with longtime friend Spencer Wetmore, a South Carolina House Representative, where she discusses her background in law and government service, including her family's involvement with the Shannon Faulkner case. She shares her journey from practicing law to getting involved in politics and running for office. Wetmore also talks about her viral videos on TikTok where she passionately speaks about women's reproductive rights. She discusses the recent Supreme Court decision upholding a six-week abortion ban in South Carolina and the potential impact on women. Wetmore criticizes the profit-driven motivations behind these restrictive abortion laws and emphasizes the need for change in public opinion to bring about progress. Wetmore also discusses the trauma that is being mishandled by our government in regards to victims of incest and rape.

Key Takeaways:

  • She ran for office after working in government service and wanting to make a difference on the state level.
  • The recent Supreme Court decision upholding a six-week abortion ban in South Carolina is a setback for women's rights and could have traumatic effects on women.
  • Wetmore's experience with the Shannon Faulkner case and her own personal experiences have shaped her passion for women's issues and reproductive rights.
  • National organizations, such as National Right to Life and Alliance Defending Freedom, play a significant role in promoting and drafting restrictive abortion laws.
  • Progress can be made by supporting national organizations fighting for reproductive rights and sharing the stories of those affected by these laws.


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