Amanda McKoy Flanagan & Ginny Olivas-Smith

This week, Laura and Todd sit down with Amanda McKoy Flanagan and Ginny Olivas-Smith who both discuss their personal experiences with loss and grief on the Sol Rising podcast. They challenge the misconception that grief only comes from the death of a loved one, highlighting that it can also stem from other major life changes. They emphasize the importance of acknowledging grief and providing support to those going through it. They also discuss the impact of grief on the ego and the need for self-compassion and understanding during the grieving process. Amanda shares insights from her book, "Trust Yourself to Be All In Safe, to Love and Let Go," which offers guidance on healing and finding one's true self.

Key Takeaways:

  • Grief is not limited to the death of a loved one; it can also stem from other significant losses or life-changing events.
  • Grief does not follow a linear path and can involve a range of emotions and stages that may fluctuate over time.
  • It is important to provide support and understanding to those experiencing grief, allowing them to express their feelings and share memories of their loved ones.
  • The grieving process can lead to personal growth and a deeper understanding of oneself and others.
  • Grief can either bond or separate individuals, depending on how it is processed and communicated within relationships.
  • Amanda's book, "Trust Yourself to Be All In Safe, to Love and Let Go," offers guidance and inspiration for healing and finding one's true self through grief.


Sol Rising: All In on Love, Loss, and Connection is a bi-weekly podcast where you will hear candid, honest, vulnerable conversations sure to pull at your heart strings and enlighten your soul! Conversations revolve around our basic, fundamental, human instinct for connection. Ginny and Amanda explore how emotions—pain, fear, loss, and grief, as well as joy, excitement, happiness, and love—work to either create connection or to hinder it, personally in relationships, and collectively out in the world. It's time to let your soul rise!

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