Joe Pardavila - Communications Expert, Radio and Podcast Host, and Author of The Book "Good Listen"

This week we sit down with communication expert, podcaster for Forbes Books, NYC Radio Personality and Author of the book “Good Listen,” Joe Pardavila. We talk about the importance of listening, communicating effectively, empathy and putting in the work to maintain good relationships. In this uplifting episode with the former smooth talking radio host, we discuss what it was like being a radio DJ in NYC during 9/11, starting a new job days before the pandemic hit, and the creation of the podcast “Uncertain Times” at Forbes Books, a podcast focused on how business leaders and entrepreneurs were making it through the uncertainty of COVID. We learn how his trivia prowess landed him radio time, why his podcast was therapeutic for the business owners and how his new book can you help fine tune your communications skills to make you more empathetic, curious and generally a better human being, We also learn why living your life at an 11 is key and the benefits of putting our phones away and being still. We laughed a lot in this one and think everyone can benefit form Joe’s sound advice! So be sure not to miss Episode 39 with Joe Pardavila.



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