Jimmy Hays Nelson - Storyteller, Business Coach, Trauma Survivor

This week, Laura and Todd get motivated with Jimmy Hays Nelson, aka The Coach Jimmy, a motivational speaker, storyteller, and business coach. Jimmy travels the world speaking to thousands of people about how their story can change the way they do business, how it affects their relationships and how it can frame your mindset. We talk about how Jimmy started out in performance, and he was damn good at it, but it didn’t feel like his passion. In fact, he was overweight and depressed. So he made a change, something he hopes we all can do when we feel like we’re in a rut, stuck or just looking to take ourselves higher in life and for Jimmy that all starts with a story. He explains how Beach Body, therapy and EMDR have all helped him overcome his own trauma, while he helps others to use storytelling to take them to to the next level. We talk about the importance of physical exercise, how "faking it until you make it" really can do wonders, how to start investing in yourself (the only person you can control) and that adversity is necessary in life. We also get in to the downfalls of being a one hit wonder, burnout, taking back your power and how there really is no such thing as a finish line. We had SUCH a blast talking to Jimmy, so check out Episode 37 with Jimmy Hays Nelson to get that motivation flowing now!


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