Scottish Election Special: can anything unsettle the SNP establishment?

The Scottish parliamentary elections are likely to be pivotal for the future of the United Kingdom. So, New Statesman Scotland editor, Chris Deerin, is hosting four bonus episodes in the lead up to the vote on May 6th. Chris will be joined by some familiar voices from the New Statesman team, as well as guests from the world of Scottish politics.

In this episode Chris dissects the results of the STV Leaders Debate with the New Statesman's polling supremo Ben Walker, and is joined by Blair McDougal to discuss how the SNP's 14-year incumbency presents an opportunity for an 'insurgent' opposition to make gains.

Clips courtesy of STV. The STV Leaders Debate is available to stream on demand via STV player.

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People mentioned in this episode:

Nicola Sturgeon

Douglas Ross

Anas Sarwar

Alex Salmond

Boris Johnson

Topics discussed:

Scottish elections



Scottish Labour

Scottish Greens


Scottish Independence

Independence referendum



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