Film Commentary: Foodfight!

Join the Nerdy Show crew as they endure Foodfight! - one of the most notoriously bad films of all-time. It's a CGI animation disaster of epic proportions and the dumpster fire that made it to the screen is only half of the sordid story. We tell the strange tale of how this mess was made and share our reactions after surviving this maelstrom of mediocrity. Join, Cap, boR, Doug, Chrystal, and La Valle for feature-length audio commentary and thrill as beloved capitalist mascots get oppressed by goose-stepping generic brands. We've got theories of motel room recordings, backdoor Avatar tech testing, money laundering, insurance scamming, and maybe even a secret plot that links Foodfight! to IBM's Watson, Cyberdyne Systems, and the usurpation of humanity! For links and more info, head to the main episode page:

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