Interview: The History of Barry Levinson's Toys

Join Cap for an in-depth exploration of one of the most tragically-overlooked films of the 1990s: Barry Levinson's Toys. This highly unusual holiday film starring Robin Williams turns 25 this year and we're celebrating by putting it in its rightful place as a marvel of filmmaking and a chilling satire of drone warfare - made years before that was even a thing.

Haven't seen the film? No problemo! With help from acclaimed director Barry Levinson (Good Morning, Vietnam, Rain Man) Cap pops open every facet of Toys to see what makes it tick: the gorgeously surreal visuals, the incredible Hans Zimmer/ Trevor Horn soundtrack, and the chilling tale of tiny tanks and tiny planes ushering in an era of endless war. We get the film's full history - from its origins in the late 70s, to the marketing fumble that doomed it, as well as the personal stories of how this movie rocked Cap's world when they saw it in 1992. Yeah, it's one of Cap's favorite films and researching Toys has been a personal quest for years. (Need proof? We've got clips from our 2011 interview with Thomas Dolby in here!) So gather with us in your yuletide finery for a much-needed reexamination of an amazing movie and a poignant parable for our present day.
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