Episode 287 :: Bill Nye Drops the Ball

Tired of things you love going bad? Exhausted with good premises falling short? We feel you! Join Nerdy Show as we stare in slack-jawed wonder at the dumpster fires of Bill Nye Saves the World, the venerable TV science guy's new Netflix series, and other hot messes like Mass Effect: Andromeda.
Yeah, you could say we're in a bit of a cantankerous mood, but fortunately there's still plenty of pop culture to love. Join Cap, boR, Tony, and Trench as they zero in on the comic books and television that's both been lifting them up and keeping them down. Learn how Marvel's controversial Secret Empire storyline isn't actually about Nazis, and is in fact quite awesome. Discover television recommendations that veer off our usual geeky path. Get a hot tip on what you need to grab at the upcoming Free Comic Book Day - and much more!

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