Interview: Fatal Farm Returns to Lasagna Cat

Chances are good that at some point you've seen a video created by Fatal Farm. They're a duo of FX wizards who specialize in subversion and surrealism, and whose work is as hilarious as it is head-scratching. They've done sketches for Key & Peele, had a hand in two Adult Swim specials, are the brains behind the notorious penis-exploding scene in Our RoboCop Remake, and nearly 10 years ago, unleashed three incredible web series on an unsuspecting world, including their crown jewel: Lasagna Cat. 

Lasagna Cat is a "tribute" to the works of Jim Davis - live action reenactments of Garfield strips put into a psychic blender. We've been revisiting these videos for years... and all of a sudden there's more of them... and a 1-800 number sex survey. Sound confusing? Never fear - all will be explained. Cap is joined by Fatal Farm (Zach Johnson and Jeffery Max) as they peel off the cat suit and expose the series' unmentionables. Learn why (and how) they collected 1000 people's sexual information, hear about the years of trials and tribulations that led to this glorious Garfield moment - and that's just for starters. They also share an alternate TV intro that never came to be, how their prank series Infinite Solutions prompted an emergency Microsoft meeting, muse on transposing pop culture and pop art, share pro tips for faking birth in a bathroom stall, and give us a taste of the creature features to come. 

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