Episode 282 :: My Farty Valentine

Valentine's Day may have come and gone, but its pungent perfume lingers thick in the air. Whether you've got the post-V-Day blues or or are a regular polyamorous Poe Dameron - Nerdy Show has got the comedown you need: the robust voice of Flame On's Jarrod Pope. Join Cap, boR, Brandon, and Jarrod's sumptuous pipes as they take a tumble with a plethora of pop culture.
We give our first impressions on two recently-debuted comic book TV shows that are decidedly not about superheroes (Legion and Powerless), review the based-on-a-true-story(ish) medieval fantasy game, Nioh, and share our excitement for forthcoming projects like Adi Shankar and Warren Ellis' Castlevania. But oh, dear listener, that's far from all - we also call a 1-800 number to attempt to reactivate a webseries about Garfield and abuse Jarrod's sexy voice with some nerdy pick-up line recommendations from your favorite lil' stinker: Brandon.

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