Episode 245 :: Boost Your Brain with Monkeys and Cocaine!

Every other week, The Nerdy Show Network’s flagship podcast unloads on the latest geek news and happenings!
Remember our episode "Fallout... Of Reality"? This is the second half of that episode! We spent so much time talking about video games, we had to corral all our sci-tech, comics, and TV/Movies into this episode.

Join Cap, boR, Doug, and Jess for a journey into the unusual! What does feeding cocaine to monkeys have to do with future of memory boosting brain chips? Discover how Aaron linked My Chemical Romance to the future of DC's Doom Patrol. Do international space mining protocols allow for alien slavery? What about space piracy - will the coolness outweigh the horror? Or what about simpler questions like, what are our favorite shows from the Fall 2014 set and how can we subscribe to all the services needed to watch them?

Oh - and BTW, this episode was recorded in late November 2015 so if the timeline seems off... that's why! Check out our previous episode for a bit more info on our year-end scheduling pandemonium.

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