Episode 232 :: The Age of Automation: Our Robotic Future

Ever getting that sinking, Singularity blues?
The 21st Century is shaping up to be that much-prophecised age of exponential change for the human condition. If catastrophic climate change doesn't get us, then we're well on track to building a robotopia. But is a world where all basic jobs are done by 'bots a good thing? Are we destined for an opulent Star Trek future, or something more like Elysium with the ruling class hovering above the rest of us?

Join Cap, Jess, Jon, and Doug as we journey deep into sci-tech - evaluating the latest variations on the automated man and considering what futures a robotic workforce will create. Maybe hard-working, red-blooded Americans will feel the bite of cold steel and the gnashing of corporate teeth. Or perhaps we'll be able to survive the paradigm shift and humanity can focus on evolving itself through exploration, creation, and education. Now is the precipice of the coming age; take a plunge with us!

Hopefully we're not diving headfirst into a Cyberdyne-led extinction!

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