Nerdy Show Prime: Bustin’ with Central Florida Ghostbusters – Part 2

Our ride-along with the Central Florida Ghostbusters continues! Cap and Doug were only setting out to interview the Ghostbusters, but now they’re out on a call with them… to an abandoned hospital! But busting ghosts isn’t all ectoplasmic glitz and glamor – this is just a routine call typically placed by practical jokers and the paranoid. Yet, as they enter the hospital, something seems different. Hear the Ghostbusters try to spook themselves and their tag-alongs, discussing the fan chosen topic: Horror Games as they creep carefully through darkened corridors. And after a job well done the gang retires to The Geek Easy for some grilled cheeses and the final fan topic: Horror Movies. Thanks to Korrik and Vistas Clemency for the topics!

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