Review: Justice League - Spoiler Free

Of all the crazy gambles in superhero cinema, Justice League is the biggest. With DC/ Warner Brothers' spotty track record for their cinematic universe... there's no way this ensemble film of largely undeveloped characters could work, right? We're glad we didn't put money on this one because Justice League has absolutely flipped expectations and re-writes the book on what's possible for the future of DC heroes in cinema. Join Cap for a spoiler-free exploration of how this film handles introducing some of DC's most iconic characters to the big screen, where it falls in the landscape of superhero movies, where it falters, and how it succeeds against all odds. And yeah, if you want to go deeper, we'v got a little bit of spoilery chat safely tucked away after the credits. Booyah. For links and more info, head to the main episode page:

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