Nerdy Show 316 :: Japanese Horror Nights and Other Frights

Nerdy Show's global cultural exchange continues! Fresh from a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, two of our hosts share chilling tales of how Universal Studios does Halloween Horror Nights in Japan. It's a drastically different experience guaranteed to make you liquefy with jealousy and set the horror hounds a-barkin'.

Our anorak tentacles have crept across the world: Spain, Hungary, Switzerland, soon Scotland... We're not sure why this is the year we've all blown about like dandelion fluff, but, for as long as that lasts our travelogues will keep on coming. John and Chrystal's Nihon nightmares (that's intentional nightmares - they had a great time) are but one component of this week's podcast adventure. Cap shares their entry into the Venture Bros. Carvel cake contest and discusses new horizons in taking back the web for the users, boR shares a spoiler-free exploration of The Good Place... there's lots crammed into this particular and peculiar podcast.

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