Episode 247 :: David Bowie Lives

Nerds are by definition outsiders. If you think differently, loose yourself in fiction or history, or do something strange that the "normies" can't categorize, you're certain to find yourself walking a more solitary path. Lucky us the way ahead has been lit by the luminary nerds before us. Luckier still that we lived in a world with David Bowie, a nerd who transformed our reality into a weirder, wilder, geekier place.
Join Cap and Marc With A C, two Bowie-obsessed peoploids, as they share their love of this Lad Insane and personal stories of how the Thin White Duke changed their lives. It's a crash course for the ravers and the novices too with tales from deep in small town record bins and long-forgotten shopping malls, a first-hand account of the longest show Bowie ever played, and strange or little-known facts about the wild-eyed boy from Brixton.

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