ALL CAPS: The Aquabats! Super Show! N€€d$ Right€ou$ Comrad€$

PREVIOUSLY! ON NERDY SHOW... The gang had a good laugh about skeleton soup. But enough of that. Let's get serious... SERIOUSLY AWESOME.

In lieu of a regularly scheduled episode, you're getting an over-indulgence of your host with the most, Cap. It's no surprise they've got a lot of things on their mind, but there's one thing of paramount importance. The fate of the world might hang in the balance: The Return of The Aquabats! Super Show!

It's a super rad television show about America's hardest working superhero band - totes appropes for kids and lounge lizards alike. It's not like anything else on TV, and that's why Big TV slammed its gold-ringed hand and exiled Super Show to Nowheresville. But there's a chance, friends. A chance that if enough Righteous Comrades band together and sacrifice their piggybanks to the altar of Crowdfundius, the Greek god of hopes and dreams, that The Aquabats might have a super-successful Kickstarter that'll bring back the greatest show since sliced bread AND make some dope records too!

So... long story short... Cap talks about that. And also fills you in on what Nerdy Show is up to behind the scenes.

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