Interview: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness with Tom Waltz and Erik Burnham

Mutagen Man, Wyrm, The Pizza Thrower, The Utroms, Cudley the Cowlick... The Ninja Turtles are super weird - Awesomely unusual. IDW TMNT writers Tom Waltz and Erik Burnham are joined by Nerdy Show's Cap to celebrate the legacy of Ninja Turtles and the series' myriad mutations across all continuities. They play with action figures, thumb through old roleplaying books, and sift through the sewer of way cool mutants.

Hear the story of how Donatello's perceived "death" in the comics upset parents and turned Waltz's life upside down, the joys of being both a fan AND a creator, and why we've never seen the Turtles' movies' Master Tatsu in the comics.

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