ALL CAPS: A Game of Telephones

It's lonely in the void, so Cap's reaching out to get touched... by someone. Yes, the lines are open and your chromatic operator is doing an AMA the old fashioned way: with telephones. There's no telling what'll happen - including surprise guest appearances! Cap gets a turducken-themed song challenge from Marc With a C, chats with amazing illustrator and new Lightning Dogs collaborator, Kempo Cornelius, hears about Kyle Bunnell (aka Krondor Krew's Shinobi MC)'s new 5th Ed. D&D character - plus Dungeon & Doritos' delightful dragonborn Jamela Dalla Egberte III graces us with her presence and catches up with her old adventuring acquaintance, Deen the Mighty.

Hear from long-time Nerdy Show listeners/ first-time callers and indulge in geeky chats about the Resident Evil 2 remake, tokusatsu shows, the pros and cons of Preacher season 3, and more! 

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