ALL CAPS: Judy Funnie Meets Maude Lebowski

Join Cap on a solo mission as they give hints to the latest happenings at The Nerdy Show Network, muse on the Network's (and this show's) 10th year of podcasting, share the ups and downs of kitten fostering, and highlight two amazing comics you should read: Gillen and Hans's Die and Okorafor and Tana's LaGuardia. But all that's just a prelude to the main event!

In preparation for an upcoming collaborative art project, Cap dusts off some fan fiction they wrote with Local-Shop in which their favorite pretentious art ladies of the 90s meet: Judy Funnie (from Nickelodeon/ Disney's Doug) and Maude Lebowski (from The Big Lebowski). Indulge in Cap's all too thorough knowledge of Doug continuity as we explore Judy's undocumented time at Vole University and Maude's continued interest in work that's strongly vaginal. No, this isn't slashfic, but hopefully the artsy fartsy feminist storyry therein won't make you uncomfortable.


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