Interview: Jen Cohn - Voice of Overwatch's Pharah

"Podcasts rain from above!"

Live at North Carolina Comicon, Cap speaks with voice actor, Jen Cohn, voice of Overwatch's Pharah. Chances are good the shooter sensation isn't the only place you've heard her - Cohn is also Lord Zash from Star Wars: The Old Republic, Ursa from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and that's just for starters.

Learn about the strange circumstances of Cohn's initial Overwatch audition and the "Dark Pharah" that gave way to the "Captain America of Overwatch". She shares the surprising animation gig she'd love to have, how her journey into voice work got started, where Doom Fist's voice was found, and the question on every fan's mind: where the heck is Pharah's animated short?!

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