Neinstein Testimonial: John and Linda were in a car collision and hired Greg Neinstein

In today's episode of Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers, Testimonial: John and Linda were in a car collision and hired Greg Neinstein. Listen to the podcast or watch the video podcast on Vimeo.

Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers Testimonial: John and Linda were in a car collision and hired Greg Neinstein video's Podcast.

Read the Transcript below.

We're on our way to dance competition for my daughter. And the car was full. We had my whole family in there, and we're about five minutes out, and we went. We're just going through a green light, and the car on the other side decided to make a left turn in front of us. And I had no time to stop, and I jammed on the brakes. And before I knew that we hit him, we hit him so hard that their car actually flipped. After the impact, your airbags went off. I was a little confused that I look over, and my wife is crying, and in a way, she wanted to get out of the car, like my wife's neck was broken.

So he went around the car and then he opened the door and took me out. And I walked around maybe three, four steps, and then I kind of fell to my knees, and I fell to the ground.

John's uncle knew I guess, of Greg and his staff. And he recommended them to us. And they came to visit us; I think it was one weekend. I think it was a Saturday or Sunday. Shortly after I came out of the hospital, I really liked Greg. He was a very personable type of guy. He was very, very nice. And he made us feel that like we were going to be well taken care of cause as John mentioned earlier, we didn't have a clue. We didn't know what to do.

Within less than a week, we had a team of advisers, doctors, and everything that we're looking after. Lynda. He was going to make sure Linda got to see all the best doctors and made sure, you know, what any problems she had. He knows somebody to address it. And he set us up with a social worker that really sat down with our entire family, talked about the accident, helped us deal with it.

I feel grateful to them for everything. I really do, cause if it wasn't for them, I don't know where I'd be right now. They made a big difference in my life. They really, really did, and Greg's a sweetheart. He's an absolute angel. Anytime I needed him. And just to talk for any kind of, any reason, he was always there. I was very reassuring. I was very healthful.

You never want to go through something like that. But when you do go through something like that, you want somebody like Greg Neinstein, from Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers,  on your side that will, you know, be there as support. You know, he's the type of guy, he's more like a friend than like a lawyer.

I would highly recommend Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers. He's awesome. He's totally amazing and his staff is just really, really great. They really are.

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