Why COP28 probably won't keep the 1.5 degree dream alive

In this episode:

00:49 What to expect at COP28.

The UN’s annual climate change conference is starting soon in Dubai. This time will be the first time that humanity formally assesses its progress under the 2015 Paris climate agreement, so we ask if this challenge of keeping warming below 1.5 ˚C can be met and what needs to happen at COP28 to make it a reality.

News Feature: Is it too late to keep global warming below 1.5 °C? The challenge in 7 charts

10:49 Research Highlights

Falcons show off their smarts, and how smoke from California wildfires made Europe cloudy.

Research Highlight: These falcons excel at problem-solving — and outdo some of the world’s smartest birds

Research Highlight: Huge California wildfires seeded cirrus clouds half a world away

12:59 Briefing Chat

The mystery surrounding a powerful cosmic ray, and how to make super hot plasma easily.

Nature News: The most powerful cosmic ray since the Oh-My-God particle puzzles scientists

Research Article: Xie et al.

Video: Super hot plasma made easy with stabilising fibres

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