Webb Space Telescope makes history after tense launch

In this episode of the Nature Podcast, we catch up on the biggest science stories from the holiday period by diving into the Nature Briefing.

We’ll hear about: the latest manoeuveres from the James Webb Space Telescope; a new fossil dubbed “one of the greatest finds in British palaeontological history”; the verdicts in the trials of Charles Lieber and Elizabeth Holmes; and a goldfish that can drive a tank.

News: Landmark Webb observatory is now officially a telescope

Nature Video: Hubble moments: Mike Massimino

The Guardian: Huge ‘sea dragon’ named one of UK’s greatest fossil finds

News: Elizabeth Holmes verdict: researchers share lessons for science

Science: Harvard chemist convicted by U.S. jury of lying about financial links to China

Nature Video: China and the UK: Making an international collaboration work

Nature special issue: Team science

Video of a goldfish driving (via Twitter)

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