15 August 2019: Atomic espionage in the Second World War, and exploring the early Universe

This week, spilling nuclear secrets, and a mysterious period in the Universe’s history.

In this episode:

00:46 "The most dangerous spy in history"

We hear the story of Klaus Fuchs, who gave away the details of building an atomic bomb. 

Books and Arts: The scientist-spy who spilt secrets of the bomb

08:00 Research Highlights

Environmental impacts of electric scooters, and the Goliath frog engineers. 

Research Highlight: Trendy e-scooters might not be as green as they seemResearch Highlight: Enormous frogs heave rocks to build tadpole ‘nests’

10:33 Signals from the ancient Universe

Researchers hope that radio signals from ancient hydrogen will further their understanding of galaxy formation 

News Feature: The quest to unlock the secrets of the baby Universe

18:17 News Chat

Changes to the US Endangered Species Act, and what a microbe might tell us about the evolution of complex life. 

News: Trump administration weakens Endangered Species ActNews: Scientists glimpse oddball microbe that could help explain rise of complex life


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