Coronapod: The dangers of ignoring outbreaks in homeless shelters, plus coronavirus and drug abuse

Outbreaks among those unable to isolate are spreading under the radar. We hear about the researchers scrambling to get a handle on the situation.

In this episode:

01:02 How is coronavirus spreading in group settings?

In order to successfully stop the coronavirus pandemic, researchers have to understand how the virus is spreading among groups unable to isolate. We hear about efforts to uncover levels of infection among homeless populations in the US, and the challenges associated with doing so.

News: Ignoring outbreaks in homeless shelters is proving perilous

16:49 One good thing

Our hosts pick out things that have made them smile in the last week, including a virtual tour of the world, dark humour, and experimental cocktails.

Rijksmuseum Masterpieces Up Close

20:04 Fears rise at US drug-abuse research institute

Nora Volkow is director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). She tells us about her concerns for people living with substance-use disorders during the pandemic, and the damaging effect of lockdowns on NIDA’s research.

News: The psychiatrist at the centre of the opioid crisis

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