Ancient mud reveals the longest record of climate from the tropics

00:46 A long-term record of climate in the tropics

To understand the history of the Earth’s climate, researchers often rely on things like ice cores, which contain layered frozen insights of thousands of years of history. However, in the tropics long-term records like these have been absent. Now researchers have uncovered a sediment core in Peru which reveals around 700,000 years of climatic history.

Research Article: Rodbell et al.

News and Views: Sediment study finds the pulse of tropical glaciers

09:40 Research Highlights

The biological ‘helmets’ that protect shrimp from themselves, and why the colour of wine bottles matters.

Research Highlight: ‘Helmets’ shield shrimp from their own supersonic shock waves

Research Highlight: Why white wine in plain-glass bottles loses its bouquet

12:38 The James Webb Space Telescope reveals its first images

After more than two decades of development, the James Webb Space Telescope has broadcast its first images in spectacular detail. We discuss how we got here, what’s next and what these images mean for science.

News: Stunning new Webb images: baby stars, colliding galaxies and hot exoplanets

21:33 Briefing Chat

We discuss some highlights from the Nature Briefing. This time, we discuss a crystal made out of starfish embryos.

Video: How starfish embryos become living crystals

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