Ancient DNA reveals family of Neanderthals living in Siberian cave

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00:54 Siberian cave offers first-ever glimpse into Neanderthal family

By analysing ancient DNA recovered from bone fragments found in two Siberian caves, researchers have identified a set of closely related Neanderthals: a father and daughter, as well as several other more-distant relatives. The work suggests that Neanderthal communities were small, and that females may have left their families to join other groups.

Research article: Skov et al.

News and Views: The first genomic portrait of a Neanderthal family

09:14 Research Highlights

The robotic falcon that frightens nuisance flocks, and how climate change could lead to power loss in low-income households.

Research Highlight: Plagued by problem birds? Call RobotFalcon!

Research Highlight: Loss of power looms for some families as climate changes

12:32 Briefing Chat

We discuss some highlights from the Nature Briefing. This time, assessing why women are cited less often than men in physics, and uncovering a long-lost star-map from ancient Greece.

Science: Women researchers are cited less than men. Here’s why—and what can be done about it

Nature News: First known map of night sky found hidden in Medieval parchment

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