01 August 2019: The placental microbiome, and advances in artificial intelligence

This week, whether the placenta is lacking microbes, and new hardware for artificial intelligence.

In this episode:

00:43 Microbe-free placentas?

New research suggests that the placenta is sterile. 

Research article: de Goffau et al.; News and Views: No bacteria found in healthy placentas

07:12 Research Highlights

Antacids and allergies, and the source of unexplained radioactivity. 

Research Article: Jordakieva et al.; Research Article: Masson et al.

09:13 AI hardware

Making technology for AI can be challenging, so scientists try a new solution. 

Research Article: Pei et al.

15:54 News Chat

A worrying spike in HIV drug resistance, and approval of research into human-animal hybrids. 

News: Alarming surge in drug-resistant HIV uncovered; News: Japan approves first human-animal embryo experiments


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