Backchat July 2019: Breaking news, audience-led journalism and human gene editing

In this episode:

01:01 Breaking News

The first image of a black hole took the world by storm, but what was it like reporting such a quickly developing story? 

News: Black hole pictured for first time — in spectacular detailVideo: The first image of a black hole: A three minute guideVideo: How scientists reacted to the first-ever image of a black hole

09:01 Digital Journalism

When a new research paper came to light about pig brains being revived, we asked our audience what they wanted to know, and got a big response. Could this be the future of journalism? 

News: Pig brains kept alive outside body for hours after deathNews Explainer: Disembodied pig brains revived: Your questions answered

15:09 The Future of gene editing

With yet more stories emerging of the editing of human embryos, we discuss the ethical implications and what should happen next? 

News Feature: CRISPR babies: when will the world be ready?News: Russian biologist plans more CRISPR-edited babies


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