04 July 2019: Machine learning in materials science, and sand’s sustainability

This week, using an algorithm to find properties in materials science, and the global consequences of sand-mining.

In this episode:

00:47 Predicting properties

A word-association algorithm is reading millions of abstracts to discover new properties of materials. 

Research article: Tshitoyan et al.News and Views: Text mining facilitates materials discovery

08:28 Research Highlights

Tiny robot-jellyfish, and genome mutation hot-spots. 

Research Article:Multi-functional soft-bodied jellyfish-like swimmingResearch Highlight:How DNA ‘hotspots’ snarl the search for cancer genes

10:48 Sand under strain

Researchers warn that the mining of sand is unsustainable. 

Comment:Time is running out for sand

15:44 News Chat

The results of a bullying survey, and the spread of microbial disease through opioid use. 

News: Germany’s prestigious Max Planck Society conducts huge bullying surveyNews: The US opioid epidemic is driving a spike in infectious diseases


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