21 November 2019: A new antibiotic from nematode guts, grant funding ‘lotteries’, and butterfly genomes

This week, an antibiotic that targets hard-to-treat bacteria, and a roundup of the latest science news.

In this episode:

00:49 Discovering darobactin

Researchers looked inside nematode guts and have identified a new antibiotic with some useful properties. Research Article: Imai et al.

05:45 Research Highlights

Using urine as a health metric, and sniffing out book decay with an electronic nose. Research Article: Miller et al.Research Article: Veríssimo et al.

07:54 News Chat

Adding an element of chance to grant funding, a continental butterfly-sequencing project, and tracking endangered animals via traces of their DNA. News: Science funders gamble on grant lotteriesNews: Every butterfly in the United States and Canada now has a genome sequenceNews: Rare bird’s detection highlights promise of ‘environmental DNA’

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