22 August 2019: Combating online hate speech, and identifying early fossils

This week, the resilience of internet hate groups, and searching for early life.

In this episode:

00:46 Tackling internet hate

Researchers have been modelling how hate groups interact online, and have come up with suggestions to combat this activity. 

Research article: Johnson et al.News and Views: Strategies for combating online hate

08:55 Research Highlights

Gallstone growth, and the reproductive strategies of hitchhiking stick insects. 

Research Highlight: The ‘net’ that leads to excruciating stones in the bellyResearch Highlight: The insect that lost its homeland — and its sex life

11:23 Hunting for early life

Finding fossil evidence of Earth’s earliest life is fraught with difficulty. 

Research Article: Javaux

18:43 News Chat

Chemists create a ring made only of carbon atoms, and inoculating newborns with their mothers’ microbes. 

News: Chemists make first-ever ring of pure carbonNews: Do C-section babies need mum’s microbes? Trials tackle controversial idea


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